Diversity Equity & Inclusion Programs

LCLG supports organizations in creating working and/or learning environments that foster diversity, equity and social inclusion for all stakeholders.

Why Diversity Equity & Inclusion is Important

Implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion (“DEI”) principles and practices within your organization is not only the right thing to do, but it also drives greater innovation, employee satisfaction and sustainable success across your organization. This is because organizations that promote DEI principles foster an environment predicated on open communication and inclusivity, which in turn empowers all team members to have a voice. When an organization lacks diversity, equity, and inclusion, team members are hesitant to bring their authentic selves to work, which can lead to a breakdown in communication due to a lack of honesty and understanding. When employees can bring the true version of themselves to work, knowing their opinions matter and their voices are heard, communication and overall productivity will improve throughout your organization.

The challenge is creating a safe atmosphere where ideas and feelings can be shared, options discussed, and an overall sense of understanding achieved throughout your organization. That is where we come in. LCLG provides client-focused DEI consulting, coaching and facilitation to create a psychologically safe working and/or learning environment in your organization by focusing on trust, open communication, and an overall sense of understanding and compassion.

Our Goal

LCLG strives to help clients realize organizational objectives by providing the necessary tools and skills to build more diverse teams, develop equitable systems and processes and cultivate inclusiveness within your organization. Partner with LCLG today to promote DEI principles and practices within your organization. We will work closely with your team to create a psychologically safe environment for all employees by focusing on trust, open communication, and an overall sense of understanding and compassion.

Our DEI Services

LCLG will work with your organization to design successful DEI programming that is meaningful and impactful for all of your organizational stakeholders. Successful DEI programs all have two things in common: effective leadership within the organization, and a team that operates with shared values, understanding, and a commitment to the organization’s DEI goals. As such, LCLG provides meaningful DEI training and coaching to strengthen inclusive leadership behaviors at all levels of the organization. We also focus on overall team development and alignment by leading workshops and providing support to improve the employees’ overall understanding of what it looks like to achieve diversity, equity and inclusion within your organization.

DEI Leadership Coaching

Designed to support the organization’s ongoing anti-bias training and equity work, LCLG helps organizational leaders translate their breakthroughs into action and breakdowns into growth—all in service of building a stronger, more inclusive, and more equitable organization and culture.

DEI Trainings & Workshops

Far from your standard one-size-fits-all “diversity training,” LCLG’s lively, interactive group trainings and DEI discussions are expertly designed to spark honest conversation while teaching your organization’s team valuable skills that cultivate meaningful inclusion and behavior change.

LCLG’s DEI Training Services are:


The context and climate of your organization matters. As such, LCLG can tailor all content to be relevant and relatable to your specific audience and industry.



LCLG provides participants with access and exposure to critical, relevant and timely knowledge on creating and maintaining an inclusive and equitable working and/or learning environment. We do so by combining subject matter comprehension and education with practical skills-based exercises that encourage a meaningful and practical understanding of DEI concepts and principles.



LCLG offers highly interactive trainings and workshops that supports each participant’s ability to realize and implement lasting and transformational change in their behavior. While each participant’s attitudes, beliefs and biases, whether conscious or not, are deeply ingrained, extremely personal and very individual in nature, we are experienced and skilled at facilitating an encouraging and supportive dialogue on difficult issues that are crucial to the success of your organization’s DEI programming.

Through training, coaching, organizational assessment and collaborative strategic planning, your organizational stakeholders will learn practical approaches, unlearn false narratives, choose strategies and programmatic activities to effectively implement and institutionalize DEI principles within the organization.

Our DEI Curriculum

LCLG’s current suite of training topics for both large and small groups include, but are not limited to:

  • Diversity Awareness & Jobsite/Workplace Professionalism (Part A of Two-Part Series)
  • Understanding & Navigating Implicit Bias in the Workplace (Part B of Two-Part Series)
  • Core Concepts & Principles of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Strategies & Skills for Counteracting Unconscious Bias
  • Improving Engagement & Fostering an Inclusive Environment
  • Cultural Competency & Inclusion Practices

LCLG’s training modules and workshops can all be deployed virtually or in-person and can be curated for your organization’s leadership, management, staff, members and/or apprentices alike.

LCLG wants to help you address the past, improve the present and plan for the future.