Workplace Training & Consulting Services in Seattle & the Pacific Northwest.

Lemonidis Consulting & Law Group tailors our consulting and training services to ensure your organization’s leadership, staff, members and/or apprentices receive the substantive education and develop the practical skills necessary to reach your organization’s goals.

Our Goal

What we strive to provide is a customized and personalized training service to help your organization respond to and prevent workplace issues. Our proactive approach starts by observing and assessing your specific training requirements. Our instruction and curriculum expert then design training programs to best suit those needs. The key to our success? Our course developer, a seasoned labor lawyer with 13 years of local experience, is also our firm’s lead trainer. Our facilitators know the course materials inside out and once it’s deployed in the classroom, they’re the ones who can then directly modify it in response to your feedback.

Our facilitators are skilled at working with a range of adult learning styles and they have experience facilitating large group workshops, as well as individualized one-on-one training sessions. Their ability to facilitate and engage the class whether in person or via webinar leads to poignant and informative participation. LCLG’s workshops and training modules are educational and incorporate a wide variety of exercises that reinforce key concepts with engaging and interactive discussions designed to meet each of our client’s individualized objectives.

LCLG wants to help you address the past, improve the present and plan for the future.

Our Services

Training, Facilitation & One-on-One Coaching

LCLG offers existing and customizable training options to best suit your organization’s needs. Through collaborative planning and design, LCLG will work with your organization to create individualized training content designed for your organization’s specific needs. This high touch approach provides personal skills that help you successfully integrate in to the organization Our customizable training content is designed to be a proactive approach to real time issues that your organization is facing.

Organizational Assessments & Workplace Consultations

LCLG offers collaborative assessments to help you understand your organization’s current climate and develop strategies to address organizational challenges and identify gaps that can be detrimental to the health of your organization. LCLG will work with your organization to set and achieve your desired training goals and objectives. We can also work directly with you to implement policies and standards that will set your organization up for future success.

Workplace Investigations

LCLG conducts workplace investigations for employers when claims such as discrimination, harassment or alleged employee misconduct are made in the workplace. Conducting a thorough and prompt investigation is critical in the defense of claims or charges should the dispute end up in arbitration or in court. As a law firm w/ extensive experience handling claims like these we want to educate organizations on the importance of these investigations. Our cost effective “contingency plan” can save your organization time and money by strengthening your case if and when the time comes. In the event of a claim or complaint made by a manager or employee, contact our firm right away to consult and review the incident and plan the next steps.

Prevention & Compliance

We also offer a full complement of preventive consulting services to proactively address workplace concerns that arise in both the public and private sector. We develop and review contracts, policies and procedures to identify potential loopholes and areas of risk. Additionally we have experience reviewing, improving and developing employee handbooks and manuals for elected officers, employees, instructors, apprentices and union members. LCLG also assists organizations with the implementation of preventative measures to ward off future disputes or complaints through various trainings and workshops.

Speaking Engagements & Presentations

LCLG’s Managing Principal and Lead Trainer, SaNni M-K Lemonidis, is a dynamic speaker who enjoys creating an engaging experience for her audience. Either through video conferencing or in-person presentations, SaNni’s knowledge and experience will provide an interactive and engaging environment for a targeted presentation on a variety of topics.

Our Process

Analysis and Assessment

We spend up to four hours at your place of business, identifying challenges, meeting and interviewing staff, surveying employees, and talking with you about your labor organization’s training needs. We want to understand your strategic goals, gauge your HR challenges, identify skill and knowledge gaps, and find out what is holding your labor organization back from being even more successful. From there, we work with you to design a training program that best suits your labor organization’s needs.

Available Training Curriculum

From harassment prevention to leave management, the dynamic range of workplace law REQUIRES all employers and training agents to conduct periodic training to ensure a legally compliant and productive workplace and/or learning environment. Our firm has developed a wide array of hands-on workshops and training modules that can easily be adopted into any training program. Each workshop and module is presented on-site by one of our knowledgeable facilitators in a manner that best suits your organization’s needs and time constraints.

Training and Curriculum Development

When it comes to developing training specific to your organizational needs, we use an approach that respects the availability and learning styles of your team, allowing them to pick and choose activities and modules that work for them while still delivering the content they want and need. Our trainings are engaging and interactive. Experienced facilitators support your team to not only learn new information, but also apply their learning to generate new realizations and possibilities. This can include, but is not limited to, self-assessment surveys with personal feedback, topical podcasts, video-based instruction, attending in-class workshops and training modules, and engaging in role-playing games and group exercises. At the end of each course we ask for all participants to fill out a brief survey on what they liked and how we can improve to customize our approach to your organizations

Our Curriculum

LCLG’s current suite of training topics for both large and small groups include, but are not limited to:

  • Effective Communications and Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Creative Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills
  • Bargaining Basics under the NLRA (or Private Sector PECBAs)
  • Fundamentals of Contract Negotiations
  • Advanced Negotiations Training
  • Grievance, Gripe or ULP
  • Union Leadership Ethics Training
  • Union Steward Training
  • Understanding the Duty of Fair Representation
  • Understanding Weingarten Rights and the Just Cause Standard
  • Washington Paid Family Medical Leave Act & FMLA Basics & Advanced Training
  • Conducting a Workplace Investigation
  • Union Organizing in the 21st Century
  • Respectful Workplace & Civility Training

LCLG’s training modules and workshops can all be deployed virtually or in-person and can be curated for your organization’s leadership, management, staff, members and/or apprentices alike.

LCLG wants to help you address the past, improve the present and plan for the future.